Nanuk Ambitions is an indie gaming company located in the North East of England. Founded to bring together a few disparate gaming projects nearing completion. The group aims primarily to support, produce and promote games to get them out there and being played.


Current projects include:

Darkness Fading – A traditional tabletop roleplaying game set in a fantasy world where light does not behave as you would expect. Using the Bead System it reverses the standard ‘attempt an action’ approach in favor of making the best of the circumstances your character finds themselves in.

Action Tales Mechanic (ATM) – A core mechanic where players control not only their characters but elements of the story itself. Designed to allow quick access to narrative style gameplay it comes with its first setting … Heralds of Apotheosis.

Maximum Effort – A social live action roleplaying game focused on quick rules resolution to keep the action flowing. The core system is designed to use bolt on settings including Wardens of Man; which pits the players as the human defenders against the supernatural threats of the world.

Shadows of Umsha – Dieselpunk meets dimensional travel in this cinematic tabletop system. The weird creations of mad science clash with the worlds of academic magic and political espionage for a fast paced, story driven experience.


If you want to know more about these games each one has its own page so feel free to look around. Our Facebook page also contains more information on current events as well as provides a platform for discussion around our games. Of course, if you have questions you are always welcome to email us as well.